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Información en español
In a Short Time with Our Easy, Fun, & Conversational Method.
Speak with Confidence with our Pronunciation Techniques.
               A WONDERFUL NEW WORLD
* Small groups of 12 people for more individual attention to the student
* Private classes and flexible schedules for busy executives
* Classes taught By Professional Native Teachers
* You will speak with confidence with our practical pronunciation techniques
* Total immersion sessions for a more natural and easier experience
* Intensive and Semi-intensive schedule for faster learning and better results
* 23 years of experience serving Individuals and Corporations

     What do our students say about Bilingual Communications?

“My experience with Mr. Carlos Calderón and Bilingual Communications has been nothing but positive. Mr. Calderón has been an exemplary instructor. The study materials and pace of the program have been very appropriate for my skill level. Mr. Calderón has been encouraging and considerate and very accomodating of my busy schedule. 
I highly recommend Bilingual Communications.”
Elaine E. Whitbeck, Former Senior Vice President, Alcon Laboratories

“When my oldest daughter enrolled in a Pre-AP Spanish III Class in high school, she was having difficulty with oral communication and verb conjugation. After studying with Carlos a few weeks, her grades greatly improved. She studied with him for two years, and earned A’s in Pre-AP Spanish II, as well as in AP Spanish IV. Mr. Calderón invited me to observe a few sessions and he utilized many real life examples instead of strictly relying on the book. He used many teaching methods, including hands-on methods.      Mr. Calderón is an excellent teacher since he has great communication skills, he insures that the student has a thorough understanding of the material, is well organized, has patience, is very creative, and has great personal skills.”

Mrs. Candace Alley, DMA, mother of a high school student - Arlington, Texas



“This was a pleasant and informative experience. They have flexible hours to make it more convenient for the students and they use practical methods. I recommend them to everyone who wants to speak Spanish because they can do a class especially for you. To study at Bilingual Communications was a beneficial experience and gave me the success and the confidence to be a Bilingual Teacher. Many thanks to Bilingual Communications. Now I can be a Bilingual Teacher. A dream come true!”

Cynthia Williams, 1st Grade Teacher, Texas



"In my opinion, this is the best program in the metroplex to learn English as a second language. Not just the books, but the expertise of
Mrs. Calderón, to answer any question related to words. Her ability to explain and link her answer to our daily situations, it's really great. I love the schedule flexibility you have and the professional education you offer for a very reasonable price. Thanks."


Armando Taméz, Senior Pastor, Arlington, Texas



"When we began our classes we had not previously taken any Spanish lessons nor were we familiar with the language, the grammar or syntax. Sr. Calderón provided a solid fundamental in all aspects of the language. He worked patiently with us as we learned the verbs and their conjugation in addition to the proper syntax of the Spanish language. All the classes were conducted in Spanish, and he taught using a practical and pragmatic approach to developing the language skills one needs to understand and converse in everyday situations."

David and Carlene Nutchey, Alcon Laboratories



“Las clases están bien, la maestra tiene mucha paciencia y explica al máximo y nunca te deja con dudas.”

Antonio Hernández


"Es un programa que cuenta con recursos didácticos y las estrategias didácticas muy buenas, un ambiente ideal para aprender mejor."
Myrna Rondón

  Bilingual Communications International

Excellence in Education

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At Bilingual Communications International,
 we care for our students!

Carlos and Marcia Calderón